Round-robin Campaign

Private Journal of Sir Cormac of the Black Rock

Once again we have been forced to retreat from the dark corridors of the abandoned temple. Tough we faced but a handful of cowardly goblins, they proved most difficult to dispatch, for they kept running away. Bravely I took the lead in following them, taking several arrow wounds in the process, but they were truly nothing but minor scratches. What was more worrisome is when the floor of the tunnel gave way beneath my feet. Luckily I was able to keep from being buried in the rubble, and free to continue my pursuit of the goblins.

After the last of the enemy was killed, and little Shamrock restored me to fighting strength, we decided to investigate the doorway we had seen earlier. We did not get very far, for just a few feet inside was an intersection. Odin investigated one passage, that ended shortly in a storage room, while I took the other way, and found a well. As I was leaving the well, to my surprise a spider the size of a wolf leapt at me from within. I called for my companions, and we face the monstrosity together. Odin received a bite which we soon learned was poisonous. Shamrock lit the spider ablaze, and it was soon thereafter destroyed. We espied something glittering at the bottom of the well amid the carcasses of the spider’s previous meals, and Shamrock displayed unexpected courage for one of such small stature, and volunteered to go retrieve it. Unfortunately, in doing so she became deathly ill, and necessitated our retreat back to Owen and the camp. We stayed in the woods for a day or two while our little one nursed herself back to health with the help of our tagalong herbalist.

On another note, two elves have joined our party, one vacant and stinking of wildlife, the other at least is brave enough to scout ahead and fearless join me and Odin on the front lines of combat.

Tomorrow we plan to go back into the tunnels, to see if there are stairs down to the level I discovered when the floor fell. I am going to leave the bowl with Owen this time, as the damned howling is quite annoying.


Tauric Tauric

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